UKCHIP Education Quality Assurance Scheme

Education Quality Assurance Scheme (EQAS)

Informatics is a challenging, multidisciplinary profession and an important part of UKCHIP activity is to encourage the continuing development of health and social care informatics professionals seeking to be involved in implementing solutions that contribute to improvements in patient care and safety.

One of the key roles for any professional body is to set standards of behaviour, competence and education.

UKCHIP has developed the Education Quality Assurance Scheme to provide an independent framework that accredits education and training which supports the learning and development needs of informatics professionals in health and social care.

UKCHIP EQAS accreditation is available for informatics education and training courses delivered by:

Higher Education Institutions

Further Education Institutions

NHS In-house Learning Providers

Commercial Learning Providers

UKCHIP encourages all providers of qualifications in Health Informatics or related subjects to seek accreditation of their courses and modules which will be listed in the Register of Accredited Learning.

Eligibility of Courses & Modules for Accreditation

A  Module or Course / Programme is defined as:


A discrete experience or unit, described by clear learning outcomes. A Module or short course is considered to provide up to a maximum of 30 CATS points (Higher Education Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme) or their equivalent.  Alternatively, this can be represented as approximately 300 hours ‘student effort’ (the total timetabled hours plus individual study time required).

Course Programme

A group of modules forming a defined course of study.   A Course or Programme is anything in excess of 300 hours student effort, and would normally consist of several modules.

For a course or module to be accredited, it must demonstrate that at least 50% of the learning outcomes can be mapped directly to the UKCHIP Registration Competency Standards,whilst delivery and assessment must be set in a healthcare context.

EQAS Accreditation at module level may apply to modules within different frameworks, for example in a Clinical Education and a Leadership Development programme.  Similarly, the Scheme can recognise modules that are “stand-alone” courses and which are independent of a wider programme of study.

These definitions should serve as a guide, as we recognise there are likely to be instances where modules and courses do not readily fit these criteria. These will be considered on a case by case basis.

The Benefits of UKCHIP EQAS Accreditation

UKCHIP EQAS demonstrates that a learning provider is committed to providing high quality learning to meet the needs of health informatics professionals.

Accreditation of a learning provider’s courses / modules will normally be for up to three years, subject to evidence of continued adherence to the accreditation criteria.  If 25% or more of the content of a course or module changes it should be resubmitted for full re-accreditation.

Details of accredited courses and modules will be on placed in the on-line UKCHIP Register of Accredited Learning.

As courses and modules successfully achieve accreditation, they will be featured on the UKCHIP website, in the next appropriate UKCHIP newsletter and details of will also be made available at events and conferences where UKCHIP is participating.


Applications for EQAS accreditation are currently closed.