Competences in Health Informatics

Competences in Health Informatics

Competences are descriptors of the performance criteria, knowledge and understanding that are required to undertake work activities. They describe what individuals need to do, and to know, to carry out a particular job role or function, regardless of who performs it.

Individual competences are classified in groupings known as National Occupational Standards (NOSs). Healthcare has many health sector specific groupings, including Health Informatics, although there are many others, such as Management & Leadership, Information & Library Services, Customer Services and Administration.

All the competences within a group are unlikely to be appropriate for a single person or team; rather competences relevant to one person or team are likely to be drawn from a number of different groups.

National Occupational Standards underpin the NHS Knowledge and Skills Framework (NHS KSF) and are incorporated into a database of national occupational standards and workforce competences managed by Skills for Health.

Competences for Health Informatics Professionals

The Health Informatics National Occupational Standards (HINOS) developed by Skills for Health recognise that all staff need some informatics skills at an appropriate level and were developed to address users’ needs.  Click here to see the current NOS for Health Informatics.

UKCHIP has considered the HINOS as well as a range of other skills frameworks, including Skills for the Information Age (SFIA), to design a set of core competences which are considered essential for all Health Informatics professionals and which are used as the basis for registration.

Click here to view or download the current version of the UKCHIP Standards for Registration.

The following short video explains more about the professional registration standards UKCHIP has developed, and how those standards fit into the UKCHIP registration process.


The Health Informatics Career Framework links competences to job roles and, in turn, maps these to career pathways for Health Informatics professionals.