Self Management

The concept of self management is principally concerned with individuals taking responsibility for their own personal, professional and career development – resulting in a balanced and structured approach to their work life. All too often individuals neglect this important aspect of their development – learning about oneself is key to successful personal development as you will be better informed to make the right decisions for yourself.

The key to successful self management is self awareness – knowing your strengths and weaknesses, your learning style, and your personality profile will inevitably lead to you being able to identify the right career path for you and unlock your potential.

However it is important to differentiate between Personal Development and Organisational Development. At times your personal development may be influenced by changes which are occurring in your current organisation. This influence should only be applicable to the short or medium goals which you set for yourself.

Using knowledge about yourself will enable you to build a robust personal development plan. The plan should include short term and long-term goals relating to your current role, your future career and to your personal development.  A strong plan will set out attainable steps that you need to take to reach your goals, whilst being flexible enough to be amended as new opportunities arise

It is vital that as you progress in your career that you regularly take time to review your personal development plan. As you ‘grow’ during your working life you will constantly learn more about yourself and your personal development plan will need to be regularly updated to reflect your changing needs.



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