Resource Management

Resource Management is the efficient and effective deployment of resources, as and when they are needed. This may be undertaken at an organisation, programme or project level and can include financial resources, inventory, human resources and skills, production resources, or information technology.

Resource management is a key element in activity resource estimating and project human resource management. Both are essential components of a comprehensive project management plan to execute and monitor a project successfully.  As is the case with the discipline of programme and project management, resource management software tools are available that automate and assist the process of resource allocation to projects.

Human Resource Management is the discipline of allocating staff among various projects or business units, maximising the utilisation of available personnel resources to achieve business goals, and performing the activities necessary in the maintenance of the workforce, including identification of staffing requirements, planning and oversight of payroll and benefits, education and professional development, and managing staff work/life needs.


Assoc Business Schools

The Association of Business Schools is the voice for the UK’s Business Schools and independent Management Colleges and sets the agenda for business and management education in the UK within an increasingly international environment. It develops influential policies and promotes, communicates and lobbies on these at local, regional, national and international levels as appropriate. A List of Members provides links to over 100 organisations throughout the UK and the rest of the world.


The Eldis website hosted by the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex aims to share the best in development policy, practice and research. Their Human Resources for Health dossier offers practical up to date information about how to address human resource problems and issues, drawing upon evidence about what works, and identifying innovations in approaches, policy and practice. is a leading business search engine. The results of a search on Resource Management provides access to a wide range of resources including software tools and publications which deal with resource management, project management, planning, scheduling, HR, etc.