Staff Management

Staff management is a critical ingredient in the overall focus on leadership capability, not least in the Health Informatics function, and is an issue for a range of staff, from team leaders in technical roles to Directors and Senior Managers.

Developing skills in managing staff needs focus in many areas:

Leading a team: spending time thinking about the task, the team and the individuals; the ratio needs to be right for any given situation for it to work effectively.

Leadership style: most management is by influence rather than by giving orders. Typically, a leader needs to be: Authoritative; Affiliative; Coercive; Democratic; Developmental; Pace setting

Communication: recognising it’s a two way process

Managing change: recognising that enforced change has a reaction cycle, i.e. from unhappiness, to anger, to resentment, to acceptance.

Changing culture: understanding that pressure of work, enforced change and poor leadership styles can result in low staff morale. Effective managers and leaders manage these areas well.

Strategic planning: knowing your destination so you know when you’ve got there

Think of a good leader or manager that you know and consider how many of the above qualities they display.


Leadership Academy

The NHS Leadership Academy offers a number of programmes to build capacity and capability for the NHS.

NHS Employers

NHS Employers provides advice on Workforce Planning Support, Appraisals & Personal Development Plans, Pay and Contracts (including a guide to the Knowledge and Skills Framework), Administrative Services, including job profiles for staff working in Informatics Services


Skills for Health is the Sector Skills Council for health, helping the whole UK health sector develop a more skilled and flexible workforce and offering solutions to help improve not just productivity but also the quality of health and healthcare.


The National Occupational Standards website provides access to all the National Occupational Standards including the NOS for Health Informatics, Management and Leadership

See also Leadership Development resources.

Locally in the NHS, Informatics Skills Development Leads should be able to provide information on management development opportunities in your area. Local Higher and Further Education establishments will often provide supervisory programmes and courses, while your employing organisation’s policies will also provide guidance.