Portfolio, Programme & Project Management Skills

Portfolio, Programme & Project Management (P3M)

The management of programmes and projects is an essential constituent part of Health Informatics, whether for the development and implementation of new IT systems and applications, or maintaining and improving operational systems and services.

The following sources offer a range of information and products on this subject.



The Health Informatics Career Framework includes example job descriptions and outlines required skills and KSF competencies for project and programme management related roles within health and social care. You can map your career, plan your development, and read case studies for how others have developed their careers or staff using the framework.


The NHS Careers website offers advice about the various project and programme management roles available in health informatics.



The Portfolio, Programme & Project Management (P3M) Resource Centre, now integrated within the HSCIC, supports NHS staff and organisations in assessing their portfolio, programme and project management practice and skills. The resource centre brings together a set of materials, tools and guidance covering both organisational and workforce capability and capacity.

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The Government IT Profession embraces ICT professionals who work primarily for the Civil Service and but is also useful for those in Local Government and the wider public sector.

It provides a focus for professional expertise in managing the delivery of large-scale programmes of ICT-enabled change, operational delivery of ICT-enabled services for citizens and business, deploying specialist and technical skills in areas such as information management and security, enterprise architecture, application design, communications, delivering and supporting infrastructure, and building successful relationships with suppliers and system users.

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The Connecting Project and Programme Managers group on NHS Networks provides a way to share knowledge and help you to learn from others’ experiences.