Professionalism & Development

Professionalism in Health & Social Care  Informatics

A professional is an individual:

who takes responsibility for their own actions
who adheres to good governance that directs their behaviour
who meets entry and ongoing competence standards
who abides by ethical and moral principles and
whose practices contribute to leadership in their profession.

As a Health Informatics professional your duty is to protect patients, clients and the public

The essential emphasis on safety for patients, clients and the public, coupled with the increasing complexity of health and social care, sets professional informaticians and technicians in these sectors apart from their colleagues in other public services and industry.

In the Health Informatics domain, the safety of patients relies heavily on the information that supports clinical and management decision making, and therefore on the individuals who handle and process it. Health Informatics is a challenging, multidisciplinary field which is increasingly fundamental to the care process.

Professionalism is about personal discipline, not something imposed by employers

Being a professional is about your own behaviour. You have a responsibility to:

ensure that your skills and knowledge are up to date;
do as much as you can to develop your skills and knowledge beyond what the job requires;
make sure you perform your daily work in the best possible manner.

Whatever you do, patient and client safety must be paramount.  This means that if the requirements of your employer or anyone else conflict with the safety of your patient or the public, their  needs must come first.

You must also be able to prove your ability to perform your function and the best way to do this is by passing the certification requirements of your profession.  These are not the same as the requirements of your employer, who may tend to have a more limited perspective, but as a professional you have a responsibility to develop your profession – you need to be a leader in your field.

Do not take the Code of Conduct you sign with your professional body for granted

The Code of Conduct is what binds us; it is what make us true professionals.