360 Degree Feedback

360 degree appraisals are a powerful developmental method and quite different to traditional manager-subordinate appraisals (which fulfil different purposes). As such a 360 degree process does not replace the traditional one-to-one process – it augments it, and can be used as a stand-alone development method.

360 degree feedback is a useful development tool. It helps you understand how others interpret the behaviour you are exhibiting. It is not about your performance, but very much more about other people’s perception of your behaviour.

Gaining an understanding of how others view your behaviour is a good starting point for understanding yourself better and, as a result, becoming more effective. Reinforcing your effective behaviour, and adjusting any that others view less favourably, helps you to improve your leadership and management skills.

The NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement (now the part of the NHS Leadership Academy) recommended using 360 degree feedback as part of leadership development.  It  developed a Medical Leadership Competency Framework, endorsed by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges which has been developed into an online assessment tool.

Leadership Qualities Framework – 360 Degree Feedback Tool

A 360 degree diagnostic tool was derived from the Leadership Qualities Framework to assess individual or organisational wide leadership capability and capacity.

The NHS 360 degree feedback questionnaire was designed to relate where your strengths and development areas lie in line with the NHS Leadership Qualities Framework and includes features such as the facility to set your own target levels from the levels for each quality defined in the Framework.

For further information please about the 360 Degree Feedback Tool or process please contact the 360° Support Line on 360Support.NHS@right.com

BusinessBalls – templates and examples of using 360 Degree Feedback

An online advice site, BusinessBalls has some useful resources for leaders looking to use 360 degree feedback, including:

  • 360 degree appraisal form in MSWord or Excel
  • examples of using the forms
  • guidelines on how to use the form and when.