Professionalising Health Informatics

Professionalising Health Informatics

PHI LogoProfessionalising Health Informatics (PHI) was an initiative first developed by the Department of Health Informatics Directorate in 2008.

Following the restructuring of the Department from April 2013, UKCHIP has agreed to continue the maintenance and development of the PHI Portal for the benefit of all Health Informatics professionals.

The portal contains information about Health Informatics and links to individual and professional development opportunities and other resources for those working or seeking to work in the profession.

Here you will find  information on:

  1. Working in Health and Social Care Informatics
  2. Career Pathways Development in Health Informatics (including routes in and Case Studies)
  3. A Health Informatics Development Web of resources to support your professional development

The pages and resources listed will be regularly maintained and kept up to date.  If you feel there are other areas that need to be included, or information that needs to be added, removed or changed, please email