Fees & Payment Methods

Registration Fees and Payment Methods

Registration applications or renewals cannot be processed unless payment has been received.

The fee covers the administration and processing of your application and cannot be reimbursed if your application is unsuccessful.

If you have any doubt as to whether you meet the criteria for registration at a particular level please email the Registrar on registrar@ukchip.net before you apply and we can advise you.

Registration Fees 2016

Registration Level Registration Fee
Student / Affiliate * £20 (single payment for up to 4 years)
Level 1 * £20 per year
Level 2 £30 per year
Level 3 £30 per year


* You may be eligible for free affiliate registration or your first year at Level 1 if you have completed a UKCHIP EQAS accredited course.

Payment Methods

There are currently three main methods for paying registration fees:

Online Payment

Online Payment

The preferred registration fee payment method is by secure online debit / credit card transfer via WorldPay at the time your application is submitted.

The Trusted Commerce Seal is an indication that UKCHIP is taking steps to secure your credit card information. No credit card information is stored by UKCHIP.

Payment by your employer

Payment by your Employer

Employers are able to pay registration fees for individuals or groups of their staff by sending a purchase order and paying the invoiced amount before you begin your application for registration or renewal – you will need to provide the purchase order number at the time of application.

Email admin@ukchip.net for further details.

Payment by Standing Order

Payment by Standing Order

Fee payment can be made by standing order. Please print out the UKCHIP Standing Order Mandate, complete it and send it to your bank. Once we receive notification that the fee has been paid we will be able to process your application or renewal.

Email admin@ukchip.net for further details.

If you wish to use any other payment method please contact the Administrator by email: admin@ukchip.net.