Concerns or Complaints about Registrants

Concerns or Complaints about Registrants

concernUKCHIP’s main responsibility is to protect patients and the public and our aim is to ensure that all the Health Informatics professionals on our register are competent and uphold the highest professional standards.

If you are concerned about the fitness to practise or actions of a registrant, or worried about their behaviour or health, you can always raise your concerns with us.

Fitness to practise involves more than just competence in a registrant’s chosen profession. When we say that registrants are fit to practise, we mean that as a professional, they have the health and character, as well as the necessary skills and knowledge, to do their job safely and effectively. We also mean that we trust our registrants to act legally and ethically.

Who can raise a concern or complaint?

Anyone can make a complaint about a registered health informatics professional; we may receive complaints from other registrants, other health professionals, patients and their families, employers, managers or the police.

However, we can only consider allegations and complaints if they relate to someone who is on our register, and whether a registrant’s fitness to practise is ‘impaired’ (affected) by:

  1. their misconduct;
  2. their lack of competence;
  3. a conviction or caution for a criminal offence (or a finding of guilt by a court martial);
    their physical or mental health; or
  4. a determination (a decision reached) by another regulator responsible for healthcare.

We will also consider allegations about whether an entry to the register has been made fraudulently or incorrectly. There is no time limit on considering complaints.