Raising a Concern or Complaint

Raising a Concern or Complaint

If you want to raise a complaint about a registrant, please complete and submit a Complaint Form.

Complaints should generally be received from the person wishing to make the complaint.  However, should you require any assistance in writing your complaint, you can ask someone to write it and sign it on your behalf.  You can also contact UKCHIP by telephone and someone can take a statement of complaint and send this to you to check, sign and return.

If you need any assistance, please contact our Administrator in the first instance:  Email admin@ukchip.net.

What types of complaints can we consider?

We can only consider allegations or complaints about people on our register and only if they are due to the reasons set out previously.  UKCHIP’s role is to protect the public rather than punish registrants.

The standards our registrants must meet are set out in the code of conduct and ethics and the standards of competence. The code of conduct and ethics sets out what kinds of behaviour we expect a registrant to follow.  The standards of competence set out the skills and abilities we expect a registrant to have.

Anonymous allegations

UKCHIP seeks to operate a fair and transparent complaints procedure and normally we will not take any action in respect of complaints that have been made anonymously.  Anonymous in this context means a complaint that has been made by a person whose identity is unknown to UKCHIP rather than by a person who has asked UKCHIP not to disclose his or her identity.

This policy has been adopted because we provide registrants with the information required to understand the substance of any allegations or complaints made about them. The Investigating Panel can only consider information that the registrant has had an opportunity to comment on and furthermore, it may be necessary to seek additional clarification from the complainant; if the Council were to accept an anonymous allegation, it would be difficult to seek this further clarification.

However, the primary function of UKCHIP is to protect patients and the public and if there are circumstances in which an anonymous complaint relates to serious and credible concerns about a registrant’s fitness to practise we will consider whether it is appropriate to take further action.

If you have any concerns about this, please contact the UKCHIP Secretary.  We will always consider individually every case referred to us.