Information for Employers

Information for Employers

When should you contact us?

It may be necessary for NHS organisations and other employers to take internal disciplinary action against one of our registrants.

The need for UKCHIP to be informed of such action will inevitably vary from case to case and depend upon the circumstances and seriousness of the matter. However, if there is any evidence to suggest that a person’s fitness to practise their profession may be impaired then we should be informed.

If you or anyone in your organisation is in any doubt about whether UKCHIP needs to be informed they should contact us at the earliest opportunity by emailing

Informing UKCHIP about a matter does not necessarily mean that we will seek to commence fitness to practise proceedings or ask you to suspend or end your own procedures. In many instances it will be more appropriate for us to wait until local procedures have concluded. UKCHIP seeks to work with employers on a collaborative basis wherever possible and we are always willing to discuss matters on a case by case basis.

Even if we do not immediately pursue an allegation, once we have been informed about it, we are better placed to protect patients and the public. For example, once we are made aware of an allegation, the professional concerned cannot avoid the consequences by removing himself or herself from our register or allow their registration to lapse.