Value of Certification and Registration

The Value of Certification and Registration

The value of certification and registration with UKCHIP can be viewed from a number of perspectives:

Patients and Public

As a patient or member of the public you will know that:

Your personal information will be held securely and safely by professionals with due regard to your rights to access your own information;
Clinical staff are supported in their use of knowledge, information and ICT systems by certificated professionals;
ICT and information systems in health are developed, implemented and managed by high quality, competent professionals who have signed up to a professional code of conduct and are maintaining their competence in their areas of expertise.

Health and Social Care professionals

As a health or social care professional :

You can expect to receive support for the effective, safe and timely use of knowledge bases, information and ICT systems from competent professionals who understand both informatics and its application in a care setting.


As an employer you can be assured your informatics specialists:

Have been assessed independently against agreed national standards;
Have signed up to a professional code of conduct;
Have committed to maintaining their skills and competence through a programme of continuous professional development.

Health Informatics professionals

As a Health Informatics professional:

You will be able to demonstrate to your employer, peers and others that you are an informatics professional through your entry on the public register;
You will be able to demonstrate that you are fit to practice, you abide by a professional code of conduct and ethics and are committed to ongoing and structured professional development in the interests of providing safe, effective and high quality services to support patient care.

For those working in Health Informatics

The following video explains more about UKCHIP professional certification and the benefits of accreditation.


For employers of Health Informatics staff or those responsible for Health Informatics Services

The following video explains why you should expect your staff, contractors or service providers to be registered and on the UKCHIP professional register.