Professional Awards in IM&T (Health)

The Professional Awards in IM&T (Health) Public Register

The Professional Awards in IM&T (Health) scheme was developed initially by the NHS Information Authority (NHSIA) before responsibility was passed to NHS Connecting for Health (NHS CFH) when the NHSIA closed in 2005.  NHS CFH continued to manage the award scheme and wished to celebrate the achievements of individuals who had gained awards by publishing the details of those who have given their permission to do so.

The Awards were designed to develop competence in parallel to candidates’ gaining any of a range of HI-related academic qualifications. They focus on using information and ICT for the benefit of patient care, are based at four different competence levels and demonstrate a candidates’ vocational expertise in Health Informatics.

UKCHIP are now pleased to hold the register for the Professional Awards in IM&T (Health).

Click here to access the Register of Professional Awards in IM&T (Health).

Please note:  The inclusion of an award holder’s name on the register does not imply they are registered with UKCHIP.

Please also note that this list does not include all individuals who have gained an award, only those who were contactable and agreed to their details being published. If you have passed a Professional Award in IM&T (Health) at any level and want to be included on the register please email

The Professional Awards have now been phased out. The final students started their awards in October 2007 which were completed in 2010.