CPD & UKCHIP Registration

CPD and UKCHIP Registration

CPDContinuing Professional Development (CPD) planning is an essential requirement for registration with UKCHIP.

The purpose of the CPD process is to help you maintain or develop your competence in health informatics whether your development needs are:

  • Necessary to maintain competence as the result of your registration self assessment
  • Necessary to meet the needs of a higher level of registration
  • Required by your employer
  • Required to meet a specific career goal, e.g. a job you wish to apply for
  • Aspirational to meet your own personal goals


This short video looks at Continuing Professional Development for health informatics professionals and provides examples of the types of activity that can be included in CPD plans and some of the organisations and tools available to help with planning and carrying out your CPD.

Your annual CPD Plan should include items for each of the areas you wish to develop and you will be asked to provide details of why you have included the item and the outcome expected from undertaking it.

An online CPD Diary allows you record details of activities you undertake for each CPD Plan item including an activity description, the type of activity, and how much time you spend on each activity.

When you reach the time for renewing your registration, your CPD Plan and CPD Diary for the previous twelve months will be available for review by the UKCHIP assessor who may ask you to provide evidence of any CPD activities undertaken. You will then be asked to submit a new CPD plan for the coming year.

FAQs About CPD