Frequently Asked Questions about CPD

Frequently Asked Questions about CPD

Why is CPD important?

To be a professional you must be competent and safe to practice.  At registration, your competence is assessed against the level you apply for.  However, as your role or organisation or the systems you use change, you may have different demands placed upon you and you may not be competent to meet these.  A second part of CPD, which is just as important, is helping you meet your career aspirations by helping you develop to meet the needs of a new job.

What counts as CPD?

CPD may be attendance at a course or conference.  However, it might equally be reading a book or searching on the internet.  It may also be reflecting on something that happened to you or a project you were involved with.  Being a patient can be a fruitful basis for CPD.  What is important is reflecting on whatever you do, so that you are clear how that activity has helped you develop.

How much should I do?

As much as you need!  However, UKCHIP expects you to undertake at least 40 hours in a year.  Remember though, this is not 40 hours of study: it is 40 hours of total activity.

I already do CPD for another professional body.  Can I count this?

Hopefully, much of the activity can be used twards UKCHIP CPD.  However, you still need to show it has developed you as a health informatics professional rather than in another role.  This is the purpose of the UKCHIP CPD plans, which are designed to be a rapid way of showing this.

What happens at registration renewal?

You are asked to show what you have done in the previous 12 months as well as produce a plan for the following year.  We recognise that your needs may have changed during the year, and that what you did may differ from your plan.  You are asked to explain why if this is the case.

How do you assess a CPD return?

Registration requires that a CPD plan is submitted with your application or annual renewal and all CPD plans will be reviewed by a UKCHIP assessor.  If there are any queries about your response, you will be contacted to seek clarification and evidence to support your claim may be requested.  Failure to complete a CPD plan could result in de-registration.

Does UKCHIP accredit events or courses?

UKCHIP may suggest that an event provides an opportunity for CPD and may accredit events or courses if the organiser makes a request.  However, it is up to you to show how you met a development need through attendance.

UKCHIP provides accreditation of courses as meeting the standards required for registration through it EQAS scheme.