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UKCHIP requires high standards of conduct and competence for registrants.  Contact UKCHIP if you  have a concern or wish to make a complaint about a registered health or social care informatics professional.

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UKCHIP, BCS and IHRIM announce a new vision for the health informatics profession

The UK Council of Health Informatics Professions, BCS, the Chartered Institute for IT, and the Institute of Health Records and Information Management (IHRIM) are working collaboratively to create a new federation for the Informatics profession. The three autonomous bodies will work closely together in a federation to ensure that UK health informatics is recognised as a valued profession.

The announcement about the new federated approach was made at HC2014 and here Beverley Bryant, Director of Strategic Systems and Technology in NHS England, explains why this initiative is essential to raising the level of professionalism in health and social care informatics and what she will be looking for, from individuals, NHS organisations and industry, to really drive forward the ambitions and implement the change that’s required.

Click here to see or download a transcript of the video.

The federation will launch a governance board which will run in shadow format from April this year. There will be a number of vacant seats on the board for current and future NHS informatics professional leaders. Deciding how these will be filled will be done through a wide consultation across the NHS over the next six months to agree strong value propositions for patients, public, employers and for existing and potential members.

Click here for more details about what the federation intends to do and to provide some initial feedback.